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Grant's Gazelle

Grant’s Gazelle

“There is no gazelle

in today’s headline.”

Naomi Shihab Nye

I had pretty much thought I must have outgrown poetry. Every poem I have read of late has been just so much wanking. Self-gratification. Flowery meaningless words. The angst of spoiled adults.

Then I found a small book of poems called 19 Varieties of Gazelle by Naomi Shihab Nye and I re-discovered the awesome beauty of poetry.

She writes of the simple pleasures we all share. Commonalities. Quirky relatives, whose quirks make them loveable. Her father’s love of fig trees. An uncle’s gratitude for simple dignity of having his preferences recognized at a local coffee shop in his adopted U.S.

If her goal was to show that Palestinians and Iraqi’s are also loveable, and are lovers of life, then she succeeded with these poems.

“Skin remembers how long the years grow when skin is not touched…” 19 VOG pg 104

But the book is about more than just Arab life. It is about life. After all, the author lives in San Antonio.


tuned in to the night-blooming cereus

Channel 1 a.m.” from What News Are You Listening To? 19 VOG pg 108

Mostly, it is just a seriouslly good book. One you don’t want to put down.

“…a hand, not a flag.” 19 VOG pg 120




Beautiful Again

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Avalanche Lily

Avalanche Lily

     It’s spring and the flowers are blooming and the sun is shining (sometimes). Something I heard on NPR today reminded me of a poem I wrote many lives ago. I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now.





Give up your grudges and your petty sulking.


Be beautiful again – Let it radiate.


Let it affect those around you – Touch them!


Be with them.


Give them your most precious gift – Your attention.




You are the same person you were in college.


What has changed?


Have you conformed to the expectations of others?


Are you trapped by circumstances?




Find the sunshine in your life.


Find freedom again.


Find the beauty inside you.


Don’t be afraid to be a disappointment


To someone you don’t respect anyway.




Love yourself


And your search for love will be over.




                                                Thomas Chamberlin