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Vervet Monkey

Vervet Monkey

Up until now I have not had a good way to sell prints of my photographs other than the local gallery. I have a stock photography site that is headquartered in England so they are no help. I didn’t like the structure of 500px for selling prints.

I have decided to give Fine Art America a try, mainly because I know a couple of photographers that are using it. I haven’t really researched SmugMug as an option, but I may develop a portfolio site on Squarespace some day and they integrate with SmugMug.

For now give the new site a look and see what you think at I like that there are lots of options for canvas, metal or framed, as well as gift cards. I will keep you posted on how it works out.

I am excited that my images on Getty should be freed up to put on the new site in the next few weeks so there will be a sudden surge in quantity of images when that happens.

Red-eyed TGree Frog

Red-eyed Tree Frog


Little Buddy

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Beach Pebbles

When I was in my twenties I spent my weekends racing motorcycles with my best friend, Bob Sauber. When we both got too old to bounce when we crashed (when the hospital days outnumber the days spent racing it might be time to quit) we switched to salmon and steelhead fishing on coastal rivers. I discovered this weekend that Bob died last month.

There is nothing like the death of a friend to make you re-evaluate just what the heck you are doing with your life.

It’s been a long time since someone close to me has died so I am considerably closer to the end of my own path than the last time I was reminded of my mortality.

Rialto Beach

I am told that those who know their time is imminent probably don’t spend much of the remaining moments reflecting on the bowling trophy or the job promotions and time spent at the office. What they reflect on is relationships. Love. Perhaps for the first time in our life the ego gets thoroughly and fatally thumped by spirit.

Olympic Mountains

All of this has me pondering how to use my remaining time on our blue planet. Is it important to leave a legacy other than your DNA? Need we really accomplish anything other than being a loving person and respecting the earth? Billions have lived and died before us and relatively few of them left much of a lasting impact. They lived the best they could and then they died and the next generation did the same. They didn’t start any wars and they didn’t discover penicillin.

Little Buddy

The LB on his motorcycle stood for Little Buddy, a reference to what the Skipper called Gilligan on Gilligan’s Island. You didn’t escape my high school without a nickname or two. Never mind what mine was. This was back pasture amateur racing in high school before we got all fancy with official American Motorcycle Association assigned numbers. I’m going to miss you Little Buddy.

Bob Sauber