Old Friends

Ford Truck

I finished my latest project, the children’s book, now awaiting translation into Hebrew, of all things, since the first publisher to express an interest is in Tel Aviv. Hopefully someone in the US will show an interest later. I will put it on Blurb, but print on demand is always more expensive per book. I have actually already personally sold one of the Hebrew books. Long story…

So, rather than dive right into another big project I always like to do something fun for a few days. I was looking at my Photoshelter site and looking at the listing they give of the 100 most viewed images. It always intrigues me as to why the most viewed images are viewed the most. Even the people that run Photoshelter wrote recently that they are intrigued and helpless to explain some of the  most popular images as well. Google ranking has a lot to do with it, which comes down to keywords. Unfortunately, I can’t get away with putting the keywords Maasai, Herding, and Cattle on every image because that blows everything else away on both Photoshelter and Flickr (just putting those words in the text here will probably rank this blog way up there). I don’t know why. Who are these people looking at African tribesmen herding cattle and why?

Anyway, one of the reasons those images are most viewed is because they have been on Photoshelter for a long time. Which led me to realize that the most eyes are falling on images that were optimized years ago and could really use an update. My Photoshop workflow has improved enormously since most of those images were optimized.

Maasai Village Chief

So I’ve spent the past couple of days re-working the most viewed images. There were a handful of images that I didn’t touch. There were another handful I liked, but tried re-working them to see if it made a difference and it didn’t to any great degree. But, in about 80% of the images the change was dramatic. Most of the older images had color casts. I color corrected them at the time, but they were awful. I now use Nik Color Efex Pro generously and most of the images benefited from my new work flow with a touch of Tonal Contrast to bring out some detail.

Lob Cabin

The black and white images benefited from Nik Silver Efex Pro.

Elephant Butt

It has been a fun couple of days. Re-visiting old images is like visiting old friends and sharing memories with them of the good old days.

White-throated Magpie Jay

Like the jays we chased all over a farmer’s field in Costa Rica during a rain shower.

Serval Kittens

Or the morning spent with the serval kittens in the Masai Mara. Good friends. Good stories.


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