Western Scrub-Jay

I am finally in image acquisition mode again after time out for being on call and rain (and rain, and rain). These jays are common around here, there is even one nesting in my laurel tree. You would think I would have more photographs of them, but I just don’t seem to have good jay karma. I seem to repulse them. They like to tease me, but always fly off just as they come into my view finder. I finally found one on Saturday morning that hadn’t seen the memo. He was so curious about me I thought he might even fly on over for a closer look. He was good company.

The expert bird photographers will tell you that you MUST have the sun coming from behind you. The head angle should be EXACTLY five degrees toward you, also. I kind of like side lighting, myself. So did Rembrandt. That is why he sat people next to a window. That’s why it is called Rembrandt lighting. Believe whoever you prefer to believe, but in the end you only have to please yourself.

“A gentleman considers what is right, the vulgar consider what will pay.”  Confucious

Of course that is pretty idealized thinking. Those expert bird photographers have to eat.

Teenage Walrus

Another image that came up on the screen saver and I had no memory of it. The young walruses were the ones that came to scope us out when we visited their haul-out beach in Spitsbergen. The really big guys won’t give you the time of day and the females were all asleep and couldn’t be disturbed. I guess once your blubber content gets to a certain point you stop wasting energy on trifles like mere humans.

Dog Walkin'

It’s kind of funny that we are all walking in step. I sometimes wish I had a tail to wag, too. It seems downright rude to greet dogs without a tail to wag. (Photograph courtesy of Karen Nadeau).


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