Giraffes Fighting

Giraffes Fighting

     Giraffes fight. They fight a little differently as the photo above reveals. They stand side by side and widen their stance for stability. Then the swing their long necks sideways at each other. The idea is to make contact with the other giraffe’s chest, as shown above. They can knock the other giraffe over with a well placed blow. They can also stand head to butt and butt each other in the rear. These two didn’t connect very often so I felt fortunate to get the shot when one did. These are Masai giraffes, who have the most irregular pattern of spots.There are eight recognized races of giraffes in Africa. They are relatively shy in the wild and it is difficult to get close to them, usually, unless they are distracted by thrashing each other. They usually walk away from you at  what seems like a leisurely pace, but trying to keep up with them reveals they are really covering ground. Of all the animals on the savanna in Africa, the giraffes could be seen from the farthest distance.

The End

The End


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